Mary Freed Memorial Concert

27278While we did not have the pleasure of meeting Mary Freed in person, her husband and daughters were painted a picture of a private, music lover with their sweet word. The first in an on-going series of fine-music concerts, honoring the memory of Mary Freed took place at Holy Spirit Church in West Bloomfield on March 7, Mary’s birthday. We were honored to be the showcase performers at this event and played songs selected by Mary’s family including works by Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven and even the song “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”, a song of great meaning to Mary and her family.

In her youth, Mary and three of her sisters performed as a string quartet, using instruments that had been made for them by their grandfather.  During the concert our colleague, Tracey Riggs, played Mary’s favorite hymn “Precious Lord, Take My Hand”, on the very violin made by her grandfather.  The night would not have been complete without her husband John leading the audience in singing “Happy Birthday” to Mary whose presence was felt by those in attendance.   Following the concert, a reception was held replete with delicious homemade desserts and an amazing violin cake made by one of Mary’s friends.

The next concert will be Wednesday, June 13th at 7:30 p.m. featuring a Jazz Band, Gene and Tonics.

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church

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Memorial Service at Roseland Park Cemetery

Each weekend we have the opportunity to provide music and rejoice with families throughout the metro area as they celebrate weddings and special events in their family’s lives. Once a year, we have a different type of opportunity. This engagement tugs at our hearts and challenges us emotionally. Each year, Beaumont Hospital holds a Memorial Service at Roseland Park Cemetery in Berkley for the families that have lost an infant. The service is held in the historic mausoleum and is let by a Beaumont Chaplain. During the service, each child’s name is read, a candle is lit to commemorate their continuing light in the lives of their families and a balloon is released. The time is poignant, tearful and in a way, celebratory. This service provides a reminder that for the life that was, though short in duration, is and will continue to be cherished by their loved ones. It is not a performance we look forward to, yet we are honored to provide the music for the service each year.
Roseland Park Cemetery

Roseland Park Cemetery Memorial Service

For the past several years, The Rondo String Quartet has been asked to play for a memorial service sponsored by Beaumont Hospital. This year, the Angel Kisses organization also helped with funding. The service is held each year at the Roseland Park Cemetery. Those who attend have lost or are related to someone who has lost a baby. Thank-you to the spiritual care services, the social work staff, Chaplain Bonnie, Mary, and everyone who helps to create this caring and emotional service.

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