“Legendary” Wedding at Baronette Renaissance Detroit-Novi Hotel

Congratulations to Kailey and David who were married at the elegant Baronette Renaissance Detroit-Novi Hotel.   We had the pleasure of working with Andrea Solomon, wedding and event planner.  It’s always a comfort to work with an experienced professional who excel at her job.  She orchestrated a beautiful evening from start to finish.

20151107_181353The chuppah was beautifully appointed with fresh flowers.  It symbolizes the new home that Kailey and David will build together and is open on all sides to signify that family and friends will always be welcome.  The Jewish ceremony involves the lovely tradition of a family processional.  Groomsmen escorted the grandmothers to their seats while we played “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles.  David chose a special song, “We are the Champions” and was walked to the chuppah by his parents.  Next, the Kailey’s two sisters and two young flower girls processed to “Love Story” by Taylor Swift.  And finally, Kailey, looking beautiful, was escorted to the chuppah by her parents while we played “Can’t Help Falling in Love”.  Upon reaching the chuppah, Kailey circled David signifying that their relationship would be based in balance, respect and equal partnership.  Rabbi Josh Bennett of Temple Israel officiated the ceremony and noted the significance of the number 7 as being special for this family.  We have always enjoyed Rabbi Bennett’s ability to make connections that bring unity and cohesion to the wedding ceremony. While Kailey and David were celebrating this new bond of marriage at 7:00 on the 7th day of November, they also met on the 7th and their grandparents were married on the 7th.  Rabbi Bennett finished by noting that God rested and celebrated His new creation on the 7th day as well.

Throughout the ceremony, several references were made to the “Legends” baseball organization in California.  It was clear that this organization is near and dear to David’s heart and probably the reason we played “We Are the Champions” for his processional.  We also noted that the wedding favors were adorable baseball theme cookies.  As with most Jewish weddings, the ceremony concluded with the breaking of the glass and shouts of “Mazel Tov”.  The tradition is a reminder that relationships are fragile and must be treated with love and tenderness.  Guests clapped as we played “Simon Tov” and the wedding party exited for photos.  It was a beautiful evening filled with the joy and laughter of family and friends.  What a wonderful way to begin a marriage!

Baronette Renaissance Detroit-Novi Hotel

Andrea Solomon, Wedding and Event Planner

Rabbi Josh Bennett

Baseball Legends

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