Bloomfield Hunt Club – Where horses and wine define a good time!

20151022_181309Few places can top the elegance and tradition of the Bloomfield Open Hunt Club. It was in 1917 that a small group of Grosse Pointe and “Hills” residents purchased 6.7 acres at the dirt road intersection of Bloomfield Center Road (now Long Lake Road) and Ball Line Road (now Kensington Road) for the purpose of pursuing their recreational passion of fox hunting.  From that special direction, a truly unique family club has emerged. Although actual fox hunting ended in 1965 the equestrian facet continued to thrive with new barns and over 70 acres for riding and both indoor and outdoor rings.  In the next three decades, the trend towards a wide variety of sports and recreational facilities to the broad interest of the members took shape and continues into the next century.

It was in this venue that we had the pleasure of playing for a Wine Dinner hosted by Wendy GrimaldiGoulx. The evening opened with a horse exhibition and hor d’oeuvres. Thomas Arvid, America’s preeminent painter of wine, was present with several of his beautiful works for sale. We played through dinner as each wine was introduced, sampled and the various courses served. Our classic rock selections were a very well received. We saw the cell phones come out as we played Fred Bear, Kashmir and Stairway to Heaven. It was lovely evening for a group of friends coming together to support the equestrian programs of this esteemed Hunt Club.

Bloomfield Open Hunt Club


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