Catholic Couple Chooses Feast of the Sacred Heart for Wedding Day

IMG_2227Ste. Anne de Detroit has a prominent place in Detroit’s early history. Construction began two days after Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac landed at Detroit and began construction of Fort Ponchartrain making it the second oldest continuously operating Roman Catholic parish in the United States established when the area was part of the French  colony. The current Gothic Revival cathedral styled church, built in 1886, is located near the Ambassador Bridge and the Michigan Central Station.  Caroline had always envisioned getting married in a historic church and could not have chosen a better example of a church with a rich history and significance to the Detroit area.  She and Tim were married by  Father John in Catholic mass surrounded by the music of Bach, Handel and Pachelbel.  Organist Chris Loeffler skillfully let the mass which Father John noted landed on the Feast of the Sacred Heart.  We send our thanks to Yuliana, the church coordinator, who provided cues and assistance to us as we were in the balcony.  It is always a pleasure to play in this gorgeous sanctuary and we thank Tim and Caroline for the privilege of being a part of their wedding day.  Best wishes to this lovely couple as they begin their married life together. 

Ste. Anne de Detroit


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