Historic Detroit Church Provides Elegant Setting for Couples Wedding

IMG_0964IMG_0963Congratulations to Eve and Koebe on their wedding earlier this month at Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church in Detroit. The church is known for its rich history that intertwines with the history of Detroit. The congregation of Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church reflected the growing industrial success of Detroit. An newspaper article in April, 1889 reported the business positions of over forty-five JAPC members, including a United States Senator, several bank presidents, the owner of the Free Press, manufacturers, managers and superintendents in railroads, shipping, and other industries, retail merchants, the county auditor, a butcher, and several doctors and lawyers. The new church at East Jefferson and Burns was constructed over four years and completed in 1926. Materials for the church came from around the world. The granite for the walls came from New England, Silesian marble from Italy, fluted gutters of Colorado copper, lead and zinc from South America, furnishings from Chicago, the organ from Boston and leaded glass windows from Philadelphia. The 23-bell carillon was installed in 1926. The English bells, from the Gillet & Johnston foundry, have a total weight of 12,096 pounds and are played from a keyboard perched on wooden platform right below the bell platform.
It was in this gorgeous sanctuary that Koebe and Eve recited their wedding vows under the guidance of Rev. Peter C. Smith. The couple chose all classical music for their ceremony incorporating the works of Handel, Bach, Purcell and Vivaldi which blended beautifully with the gothic décor of the church. Friends Erin and Amelia each spoke a reading: “I Carry Your Heart with Me” by E.E. Cummings and an excerpt from “Gift from the Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Linda Smith served as the coordinator and provided us with excellent guidance and cues.
The pictures do not do justice to the beauty and richness of this grand church. It was an elegant setting for Koebe and Eve’s wedding and we wish them the best as they begin life together.

Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church

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