Historic Montague Inn is Setting for Wedding and the Start of a New Family

IMG_0953IMG_0958Congratulations to Jeff and Lisa who were married earlier this month that The Montague Inn in Saginaw. The Inn was built in 1929 by Mr. Robert Montague and his wife, Edwina. The home has over 12,000 square feet of space and cost approximately $120,000 when built during the depression. The family business was SBS Products, Inc. started by Mr. Montague in Saginaw. He developed as, way to use sugar beet by-products to make hand creams and soaps. After Mr. Montague’s death in the early 1950’s, the family sold the business to the Andrew Jergens Company, who has since also sold the business.
On this particular day though, spring was in the air and the outdoor patio was a beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony. Our friend and colleague, Reverend Frederick Jolicoeur, conducted a lovely wedding service that reflected the covenant of love Lisa and Jeff made on that day. They chose a nice mix of music including light classical music and nostalgic love songs. Lisa’s sons, Thomas and Jacob, acted as groomsmen and made their mother proud. Jeff and Lisa included a “Rose Ceremony” which signified the creation of a new family and incorporated Lisa’s sons into it with the exchange of roses. It was a touching moment and one they will treasure.
Following the ceremony, the couple held an outdoor cocktail hour during which we were able to play upbeat and fun music. If the smells leaving the Inn were any indication, the food was outstanding for their dinner reception. We send Jeff, Lisa, Thomas and Jacob our best wishes as they begin their lives together as a family.

The Montague Inn

Reverend Frederick Jolicoeur

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