Common Sense Prevails Over Threatening Weather at Michigan League Wedding

Congratulations to Shannon and John on their beautiful wedding ceremony and wise decision to move the event in doors.  Their special day was held at the Michigan League on the campus of Michigan University.  The ceremony was scheduled for the courtyard but due to the threatening weather, was moved indoors to the Fletcher Room.  During the ceremony, Reverend Haas shared that the couple’s relationship began with the innocence of friendship and blossomed into love!  Friend and Colorado resident Fred Peterbark gave a moving performance of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s All I Ask Of You. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Fred and if he lived locally, would call on him to join us when we need a vocalist.  The Fletcher room is located on the second floor of the Michigan League and with the wood floors, fireplace and tall ceilings, is a warm and inviting room.  As shown in the picture, there is a unique painting above the door of the Fletcher Room that was originally located in the chapel.  The murals are said to be reflective of the architect’s intention of making the chapel a room which would “appeal to individuals of all shades of belief, or of non-belief; to anyone who desired in contemplative spirit, touched with humility, to place themselves in harmony with the universe.”  The figures in the side panels represent hope and expectancy.  Feelings that were ever present last Saturday at John and Shannon’s wedding.  We send them our best wishes as they begin their journey together.

Michigan League


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