Elegance the Theme at Colony Club Wedding

The Colony Club building was commissioned in 1927 to be a seven story home for the Women’s Colony Club.  The form reflected the member’s desire for gentle elegance and style.  It was here in the impressive Louis XVI ballroom and Sameena and Adam were married.  Painted in Versailles cream and gilt, the room is considered to be one of the city’s finest and has recently been fully restored to its original magnificence.  Miriam Jerris beautifully officiated the ceremony blending the traditions of both families. The couple chose romantic contemporary music including “I Will Always Love You”, “Everything I Do”.  The bridal party wore gorgeous dresses that blended the two cultures and processesd to “Open Arms.   Sameena processed to “Can’t Help Falling In Love” in a bridal gown that was simply stunning.  The ballroom, already elegant, was decorated with candles and red roses.  As the picture shows, red roses were the theme for the wedding cake as well.  Best wishes to Sameena and Adam as they begin the lives together.   

Colony Club, Detroit

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