Legacy of Love Defines 50th Wedding Anniversary at Orchard Lake Country Club

Congratulations to Eva and Ziggy who celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary with family and friends at Orchard Lake Country Club.  As the pictures show, the room was elegantly appointed and a re-recreation of their original wedding cake had been prepared by the staff.  Our thanks to Diane, banquet coordinator for Orchard Lake, for her assistance throughout the evening.  It is always a sincere pleasure to play at their elegant facility.

Throughout the evening, we played a wide assortment of music, including one of Eva’s favorites, “Moon River”.  The guests enjoyed a delicious meal and shared memories and words of appreciation to the couple.  Towards the end, Ziggy and Eva shared a dance as we serenaded them.  As we listened to the speeches given by family, we were truly touched by the legacy of love that this couple has created over the years.  We send them heartfelt congratulations for inspiring us and demonstrating that marital bliss can indeed stand the test of time.  May there be many happy days ahead for years to come.

Orchard Lake Country Club  

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