Wedding and Cocktails at the Historic Whitney on Woodward Avenue

The Whitney mansion is an impressive home on Woodward Avenue near downtown Detroit, and was the venue for the elegant evening wedding and reception for Ryan and Nada last weekend. They chose to have a cocktail hour before the ceremony which we thought was a fantastic idea. The guests had an opportunity to visit and no one was late to the ceremony! The cocktails were held in the Grand Hall, which is dominated by an ornate fireplace and mantelpiece which holds an antique bronze clock. We had the pleasure of performing a great number of contemporary pieces including Dynamite, selections from the Beatles, At Last by Etta James and Viva La Vida by Coldplay. A grand staircase dominates the Great Hall that is elaborately adorned with a bronze balustrade and is richly illuminated by colorful Tiffany stained glass panels on the second and third floors. It was on the landing in front of the Tiffany windows that Ryan and Nada exchanged rings and were blessed by Iman Achmat Salie. Guests were seated on both the second and third floor providing everyone with a view of the beautiful couple. We played the popular Pachelbel’s Canon for Nada’s processional and were greatly appreciative of her sister, Marwa, for her help with cues. We would also like to thank Kristine of The Whitney for her help throughout the evening. Congratulations to Ryan and Nada as they begin life together.

The Whitney

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