Celtic Wedding Features Handfasting for New Couple

Celtic vows and the tradition of handfasting was present at the wedding of Jessica and Joshua earlier this month at Glen Oaks Clubhouse in Farmington Hills. Handfasting is the tradition of lightly binding together the hands with ribbons. Each ribbon in the handfasting set has a special meaning. This ritual is meant to signify a couple coming together, and being united, as they “tied the knot”, which is where the saying originates. This ceremony was common in old Ireland and Scotland, as it was the way that the couples were “officially” married before the church became involved in the wedding ceremonies. Jessica and Joshua chose to incorporate this ritual into their ceremony along with the exchange of rings and involvement of children for flower girls and ring bearers. The officiant, Anne Marie Carrier, a friend of the couple, did a great job of explaining the significance of the handfasting ceremony. In keeping with the recognition of Joshua’s Scottish heritage, the couple chose the Irish songs of “Sheebag and Sheemore” for the ritual itself. But, in a nod to their alma mater, chose “Hail to the Victors” for their recessional. Though originally planned as an outdoor ceremony, the questionable weather led the families to wisely decide to move indoors. The clubhouse, an extension of the Glen Oaks Golf Course in Farmington Hills, did a great job accommodating the change. Congratulations to Joshua and Jennifer!

Glen Oaks

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