Dinner and Reception in Honor of Fred Kaiser, Jr.

Congratulations to Fred Kaiser Jr, Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Michigan. We had the pleasure of playing for the dinner and reception held in his honor. Throughout the evening, we played an eclectic mix of music including selections from musicals, classical and a few nostalgic pieces as well. Everyone was very welcoming and eager to share a compliment.
As a dedicated Mason Fred received his Degrees in Berkley Lodge #536. Masons (Freemasons) are members of the largest and oldest fraternity in the world, FREEMASONRY, and even though almost everyone has a father or grandfather or uncle who was a Mason, many people aren’t quite certain just who Masons are or what freemasonry is about. The answer is simple. Masons (or Freemasons) are members of a fraternity known as Freemasonry or Masonry. A fraternity is a group of men (just as a sorority is a group of women) who join together because they believe in helping others, that there is more to life than pleasure and money. They believe we should be willing to respect the opinions of others and should want to grow and develop as a human being. Although Freemasonry is not a religion, its emphasis on the Fatherhood of God ensures that the Brotherhood of Man follows naturally. This coupled with the obligation to abide by the Golden Rule, particularly with a fellow Mason, makes for one of the strongest bonds of society. When you meet other Masons, the odds are very high indeed, that they will treat you as you would like to be treated. True to the Mason belief, when Fred Kaiser, Jr. was asked to describe his philosophy for his time in Grand Lodge his response was…
“Together, let us look for the good in people, expecting to find it.”
What a better place this world would be if we all endeavored to do the same.
Grand Lodge of Michigan

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