Wedding at Grosse Pointe Academy Chapel

Congratulations to Will and Jena who were married this past month at the Grosse Pointe Academy Chapel. Constructed in 1899 by the Religious of the Sacred Heart, the Chapel serves as an outstanding example of French Gothic architecture. Beautiful wood carvings include the statues on the two stone side altars, one of the Blessed Virgin, the other of St. Joseph. Floral designs are carved along the high oak panels running along the nave and the sanctuary walls. It was within this setting that the Father led a sentimental service that highlighted family. Matching the elegance of the chapel, we played the classics with the only exception being “You Raise Me Up” for the Jena and Will’s mothers. The couple wrote their own vows which generated a few tears along with a few chuckles. Bill Gramzow from Shrine of the Little Flower and Nancy McCarthy, well known vocalist in the metro area, performed a moving rendition of Pie Jesu and Ave Maria during communion. At the close of the ceremony, the Father presented the new couple with a gift of two wine glasses. Reminiscent of the Jewish wedding ceremony where a glass is smashed, the Father encouraged the couple to pause on their monthly anniversary to celebrate and acknowledge their love and commitment to their marriage. Our best wishes to Will and Jen as they begin married life together.

The Grosse Pointe Academy Chapel

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